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IM BACK BITCHES [07 Jul 2005|12:03am]
haha hey lover bitches!!


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[05 Mar 2005|03:16am]
[ mood | confused ]

i think im going to get away from LJ for a while...i just need to get away from it all...ill be back later friends. i love you all...i just need to get away from this LJ for a bit. ill definetly be back sometime, i love you all. =]

feel free to IM me on lovehateparadise (AIM)

<33 thanks sweeties,
Louis **

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COMMENT TO BE ADDED, if you already are a friend, then no worrys for you. [09 Jan 2005|06:24pm]
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haha today was effing awesome! [18 Dec 2004|09:56pm]
[ mood | happy ]

well today at 12 i went to KW, and after that we went to McDonalds..ate in the car, and then went to Jp n Bryans house, vic was driving, of course...haha i had to wash his car windows cuz i drew cocks and boobs all over his i was hyper as hell, but anyways, when we got there, me vic, bryan and sasha went to EB games to use a gift card bryan got. and they got this was BORING. lol. but then OMG WE HAD TO GO TO walmart!!! of course me being a bitch, i complained and said that i don't wanna go to fucking walmart, and in the end i was dragged in the fucking shit hole and yeahh...i ended up getting a Cd, and gum. LMAO,my_first_walmart_experence_ lmao

The Kelly Clarkson Cd is soooo good!! like OMG, it's hawttt. then we went back to jp's and played games for like 3 hrs...haha jp was playing this hawt computer, and i was playing x-box...hah much fun. then at like 6 we went to KW for the party, and we exchanged gifts, it was cool. I got White Chicks, Mean Girls, Lindsay Lohan cd, 50 bucks from maresa cuz she had no time to get cologne. lol and the whole jr staff got polos...hah its so awesome....i totally love my life. then we went back to JPs and played games and watched TV till like 12:30ish...then went home...ahh tired....

-Louis H<3
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Wasting Words on L0wercases & capitals [17 Dec 2004|08:47pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

Today was cool, school was of course BORING_ lunch was i lurve ya girls!!ummm...KW was ok...kinda boring, then we went to taco bell...hahahahaha we were making fun of mexicans..LMAO

that was my day
I love me!<33

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umm thursday_ [16 Dec 2004|08:06pm]
[ mood | OMG IM GONNA HAVE A BF! ]

Today was just a bit boring.
i lost my world history book, ugh- ill find it somewhere...hopefully it will come up somewhere. school was dragging on today it was so boring.
and omg this fucking gangster wannabe in my study said " oh lemme see your FAKE lacoste polo im like WHAT?!?!?!? i dont buy fake shit, unlike you. fake things are for poor fucks, maybe you buy FAKE shit, but i DONT buy fake stuff..i prob own more lacoste shit than you ever imagined of! 5 polos, 1 scarf, 1 sunglasses, 1 pair of shoes, 1 Jeans, 2 pairs of socks, 1 long sleeve buttondown shirt.) now tell me fuking bastard, is THAT ALL FAKE TOO??? NO. Stupid son of a fuck. go die!
_Days of Louis Hilton_

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HAHAHA [14 Dec 2004|04:45pm]
Yesterday @ lunch: LMAO! it was me georgann stacey, alexa, and amanda were sitting by the jocks, and georgann threw a bread roll at one of them. it hit him right in the head, and then started throwing french fries! lmao it was hilarious, then it kinda stopped for awhile...then they threw milk and it almost her in the face and they got milk on her and she got up and threw her tray at their table and got ketchup on their back. and was all like ( ps shes white LMAO )" ahhh HELL NO, IMMA KICK YOUR ASS YOU STUPID MOTHER FUCKER! blah blah ...ect..haha we got kicked outa lunch but it was worth it. hahahaa it was hilarious. ahh i love those gurls...

today: i threw a pen at my teacher mrs.conroy. that bitch is fucking CRAZY! shes a horrrrible teacher and she was fucking talking to the other teacher in the hall way and we have a fucking test tommorow! so i threw a pen and yeah. stupid bitch, thank GOD i got switched out of that class, so HA no test and im in a better teachers class. so heres my new schedual.

1st per: Comp Apps
2nd per: Spanish1
3rd per: gym
4th per: study hall
5th per: World History
6th per: English
7th per: alg 1Honors
8th per: earth science AP..ekk
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Christmas Shopping! [13 Dec 2004|08:27am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Yesterday i went to the mall with my mom, she let me use her credit card, hah it was fun. But i was a good boy and i didnt splurge on myself. :'(
I got maresa, lisa, brother, uncle, and my grandmother something for christmas. i still have a little bit left to do, but i'll just go to westfield for that. I really wanted this hawt pair of jeans at A&F but i didnt cuz i really had to get all this other stuff...w/e my mom got me Chanel cologne. ahh it smells good! haha.and shes just like getting me gift cards to AE and A&F, which is awesome.
but enought about tired today, i HATE mondays...they suck! but o well. this week better go by fast. i want winter break to come already. *sigh* OMG I WAS LATE TODAY! and i got god fucking mr.coultes...asshole. im out

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haha the best saturday EVER [12 Dec 2004|12:53pm]

well after the 12:30 class we left KW and went to Applebees for Sasha's birthday. HAPPY 17 SASHA! too bad you failed your driving test...damn now you can't drive us around. lol. But the waitress there was soooo nice, like omg! she was soo down to earth...maybe thats cuz she was young. then maresa told the waitress that it was sashas b-day and she got a birthday song sung to her. LMAO it was funny as hell! hahahaha. The big black guy spit on vic's neck, LMAO! then we ended up going to toys r us, i think erik had like a gift card or something. then we went to victors house in clark. It was Me, vic, maresa, erik, sasha, bryan and Jp. We watched Kill Bill Vol.1, then we played manhunt for a good 2 hours...i think, well we got to his house at like 4:30 and then watched kill bill for 2 hrs, so we played manhunt from 6 to 9. lol, it was soo fun. Omg we were hiding everywhere! there was like a forest and it was right next to a waterfall/dam. it was kinda scary. sasha told me that it was polluted and if i jumped into it i would die, and my skin would change colors. that wouldnt be fun. so i didnt jump in. lol, then me and sasha were hiding one time and we were in like the bushes and we thought we heard a dog and i started screaming!! and i ran out and yelled " OMG THERES A DOG OMG THERES A DOG! " and it ended up it was in a fenced yard and me n sasha got
When it was 9 we left vics house cuz erik had to be home by 9ish. then we went to eriks. we watched ANOTHER movie this time it was Dodgeball, and played games. haha it was fun, then we watched Finals from Sidekick 2002. LMAO ALLY SUCKED!
" is that turiq? NO thats daniel sterling! "
" daniel sterling is such a white name " LMAO!!!

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[06 Dec 2004|06:27pm]

is it enough to love? is it enough to breathe, somebody wripped my heart out and left me here to bleed.
Is it enough to die? somebody save my life. i'd rather be anything but ordinary please..
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wow im so bored [01 Dec 2004|08:07pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

well...project runway on Bravo, is a reeeeeally good...loves it...haha
Automatic, supersonic, hypnotic, FUNKYFRESHHHH...

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School...ugh-still JUST a tuesday [30 Nov 2004|05:48pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

well today in school was still usual, umm bordom....lalala

doo itt!

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here i have some pics up of which one is the best [25 Nov 2004|08:43pm]
picturesCollapse )
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UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [24 Nov 2004|11:05am]


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lala [23 Nov 2004|08:37am]
I HATE SCHoOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yay im going shopping today after school!! yay, ugh and i have a damn dentist appointment...arggg-
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*sigh* only a 2 and a half day week. wooo! [22 Nov 2004|08:25am]
[ mood | awake ]

this rocks, this week is a 2 and a half day week! and tommorow im going shopping cuz i need track jackets, and i wanna get sneakers. ahh i cant wait till thanksgiving!!! not that im gonna eat or anything, just wanna sleep in. =D..i also need to go to the city (NYC) cuz i wanna go to a LaCoste store and buy that damn hat that i want. ahh i love that hat, its like so hott. lol but yeah im in 1st period right now and im just updatin cuz i got bored. and AH HA! im going to listen to my ipod and listen to the song " memory " by sugarcult...ahh i <3 that song.

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sleepover 04... [21 Nov 2004|01:27pm]
[ mood | tired ]

the sleepover was muuuchhh fun, it was awesome. ugh- i dont even know where to begin. lol. haha during the breaks me chris vic jp and bryan were like tricking, and yeahhh the whole staff was there, they left about from 10-never. but it was all good. we watched dawn of the dead, matrix's, and someother stuff, jp & bryan also brought Halo 2. hah awesome game, and i dont usually play games. it was soo much FUN but i got like no sleep, maybe like 3 hrs. but then i went home the next morning and fell asleep, untill 3:50. aaaaah, loves it. haha but it was hot..till next time.

-Louis Hilton

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SLEEPOVER TOMMOROW!! [19 Nov 2004|08:56pm]
hah, hey peoples, havent really updated recently. but yeahh ive been busy. i gots my teeth finished!! wooo! but im going back next week. hah im going to the denitist like everyweek. hah i love it. I saw this really hot lacoste polo this kid was wearing at school, it was totally soo hot. haha. well tommorow is the sleepover!! ahh i cant wait!! its gonna be soo fun, lol and we are NOT going to sleep! wooo. hah its gonna be awesome. but yah i HAVE been thinking about danny lately, and maybe im not over him. i dont think i am. maybe cuz hes just a blur. eh- who knows...ill update ya as the days go by...
-Louis Hilton
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[16 Nov 2004|08:15pm]
quizzesCollapse )
run it like a trackmeet.

[13 Nov 2004|08:04am]
[ mood | tired ]

hey guys, ive been sick lately so yeahh, i havent much time to update, but this week has been hell. ive been sick all week, and im going to like die....arggg! but here i am im feeling a little better, but w/ez. i gots to go...arg, ttyl

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